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Edgewater Police Department Incident Report Form


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    1. File an Incident Report with the Edgewater Police Department
      All cases filed using the Edgewater Police Department's Citizen Online Reporting System will be reviewed. Upon review, if further investigation of your case is needed, you may be contacted.
    2. If the incident you wish to report is an emergency, a crime in progress, or involves any type of injury, please do not submit the report online but rather DIAL 9-1-1. The loss or theft of prescription medication, narcotic or otherwise, CANNOT be reported online. For any incident that requires a police officer to respond, please dial the Edgewater Police Department non-emergency number, 201-943-2200
    3. Before you proceed, you should be aware that it is a crime to make a false police report, and that all instances of false reports will be prosecuted. This online reporting system is only to be used to report a limited set of criminal incidents with very specific criteria, listed below.
      To file a police report online, your incident must meet the following criteria:

      This incident is NOT an emergency.

      This incident is NOT school related.

      This incident occurred within the Borough of Edgewater.

      This incident is NOT occurring now.

      There are NO threats of physical violence.

      There are NO injuries.

      There are NO known suspects.

      This is NOT related to any domestic violence or domestic incident.

      NO firearms were involved in the incident.

      This incident did not happen because of your race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation.

      You must have internet access and an email address.

    5. Types of crime reports that can be filed online:
      Non-Criminal Property Damage: Any property that has been damaged through either unknown or non-criminal means. For example, you drop your cell phone, there is damage to your car from unknown means (this does not apply to hit and run accidents; these require a police officer), a rock from the road strikes your windshield (this does not apply to a person intentionally throwing a rock at your car).

      Minor Traffic Accident: You were involved in a minor traffic accident with no injuries and the damage to your vehicle does not exceed $500.

      Theft: When property is stolen but there has been no illegal entry or contact by the thief. Items stolen from your yard, driveway, vehicle or other common shared areas such as parking garages, laundry facilities of apartment complexes, or other public places.

      Identity Theft: Please complete Identity Theft Report Forms which is located on a separate tab, as instructed.

      If your report does not meet any of these criteria, PLEASE CALL 911.

    6. I have read the above information and believe this incident to be eligible for online reporting. *