Police Department

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1:6.1 Mission and Value Statement

The Edgewater Police Department is committed to serve and protect the lives, property and rights of all people within our  community with respect, fairness and compassion. Through a partnership with the community, we will proactively address the quality of life issues that create the opportunity of crime and be sensitive to the needs of the community. We are also committed to develop our personnel to achieve their greatest potential to meet the challenge of policing within the Borough of Edgewater. 

​Alex Hanna: 201-943-1700 ex. 2160

In the Edgewater Police Department, 30 officers serve the Borough through traffic patrols, emergency response, EMT aid, criminal investigations and community outreach programs. 
  1. Detective's Division

    Check out what the responsibilities of Edgewater Detectives are as well as find out how to contact them.

  2. Edgewater Officers

    Find out the specialized functions within the department that different officers are involved in.

  3. Police Records

    Request records such as temporary handicap placards, permits, accident reports and more.

  4. Emergency Contact Information

    Submit emergency contacts in case you have an accident and the Edgewater Police Department needs to contact someone for you.

  5. Quality of Life Ordinances

    Discover some of the ordinances or rules regarding keeping the community clean.

  6. Police News and Events

  7. Dispatch

A Prescription Drop Box is located at the police department hallway to dispose of any unused prescription drugs. No Liquids please.