1. Borough Code

    Explore the complete code of Edgewater Borough.

  2. Emergency Notifications

    Sign up to receive reliable communication ad notification of emergencies from the Borough.

  3. Fire Permit Requirements

    Find out if you qualify for apply for a fire permit in Edgewater, New Jersey.

  4. Fire Related Borough Codes (PDF)

    View the codes and fees related to the Fire Department in Edgewater.

  5. How & When to Pay Taxes

    View this quick guide to paying taxes in Edgewater.

  6. Job Opportunities

    View a list of available job opportunities and fill out the job application as well.

  7. Police Records

    Request records such as temporary handicap placards, permits, accident reports and more.

  8. Recycling & Garbage Schedule

    Take a look at what your recycling and garbage schedule is in Edgewater based on your address.

  9. Zoning Maps

    Access the 4 zoning maps to get a better idea of the layout of the town.

  10. A map of Edgewater

    View an interactive map of Edgewater.

  11. Bid Opportunities