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    Edgewater, New Jersey 07020
    Phone 201-943-1700 Fax201-943-9242
  2. Prefered Delivery:*
  3. If you are requesting records containing personal information, please check of one: Under penalty of N.J.S.A. 2C:28-3 I certify that I
  4. been convicted of any indictable offense under the laws of New Jersey, any other state, or the United States.
  5. By submitting this form you have consented to an electronic signature.
  6. Please be specific as possible in describing the records being requested. Also, please note that your preferred method of delivery will only be accommodated if the custodian has the technological means and the integrity of the records will not be jeopardized by such means of delivery.
  7. Payment Information
    Select a Payment Method
    Letter size packages - $0.05 per page
    Legal size: pages - $0.07 per page
    Other Materials: (CD, DVD, etc) - actual cost
    Delivery: Delivery / postage fees additional depending on delivery type.
    Extras: Special service charge dependent upon request.
    If, in addition to requesting records under OPRA, you are also requesting the government records under the common law, please check the box below. A public record under the common law is one required by law to be kept, or necessary to be kept in the discharge of a duty imposed by law, or directed by law to serve as a memorial and evidence of something written, said, or done, or a written memorial made by a public officer authorized to perform that function, or a writing filed in a public office. The elements essential to constitute a public record are that it be a written memorial, that it be made by a public officer, and that the officer be authorized by law to make it.
  9. I am also requesting the documents under common law.
  10. Note that any challenge to a denial of a request for records under the common law cannot be made to the Government Records Council, as the Government Records Council only has jurisdiction to adjudicate challenges to denials of OPRA requests. A challenge to the denial of access under the common law can be made by filing an action in Superior Court.
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