Apply For

  1. Application for Vital Statistics

    Easily apply for a birth certificate, marriage certificate and more online.

  2. Dog & Cat Licensing Application

    Find out what you, as a pet owner, need to do to register your dog or cat.

  3. Licensing

    Apply for different licenses in the Borough such as a liquor license, dog and cat licenses and more.

  4. Request for Public Records (OPRA)

    Easily fill out the form if you wish to request a public record from the Edgewater Clerk's Office.

  5. Tax Relief Programs

    Get to know the tax relief programs in the Edgewater area and find out if you qualify.

  6. Get a visitor a parking pass

  7. Resident Parking Permit Online

  8. How do I apply for affordable housing?

    How to apply and find affordable housing in Edgewater or NJ.

  9. Apply for a NON-Resident Parking Permit

  10. A Borough Job