Firearms ID & Permit Cards

All applications MUST be done through the NJSP/FARS portal. Do not come to the Police Department to apply.

Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit

Edgewater Police Department ORI Number     NJ0021300


To All Firearms Applicants:

Recently, there have been substantial changes to the Firearms laws in the State of NJ. On the following pages you will find information for Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards (FPIC), Permits to Purchase, Permits to Carry Firearms, and training. Please be patient since some of the mechanisms in the process have not been fully completed at this time and frequently subject to change.

It is up to the individual applicant to maintain up-to-date knowledge of firearm law changes.

Please visit the New Jersey State Police Firearms Information website as an additional resource of information

FARS Applications:

Please be sure that all the information that you enter into the application is correct. Specifically, name, phone numbers, email addresses, and ORI [NJ0021300]. Your NJ Driver’s License MUST MATCH your current EDGEWATER address.

When deciding on how many permits, please take the following into consideration:

 One permit is needed for each handgun purchase [$25.00 each]

 You can only purchase ONE handgun every 30 days

 Permits are valid for 90 days 

 Submitted applications cannot be modified to add additional permits

 If an error was made in the submitted application, DO NOT submit a NEW application. CONTACT the Edgewater Police Department.


 FIRST TIME APPLICANTS must print the IDENTOGO form to schedule fingerprinting at an off-site location

 EXISTING Firearms ID card holders go to

FARS application submission instructions as follows:

1. Website

2. Click on “ONLINE S.T.S. 033 FORMS”


4. REVIEW and PRINT a copy of all documents for your records prior to final submission. Applications cannot be modified.

5. Please advise your Character References that they will be emailed automatically with a questionnaire to complete

6. Once you have completed your online application, WAIT for an email from the EDGEWATER POLICE DEPARTMENT for further instructions.

*CHECK your SPAM folder on a regular basis, no telephone calls please. The applicant will be contacted by email.


Applications will not begin to be processed until all documents and payments are received by EPD:

  1. Check or money order made out to “The Borough of Edgewater” (including the applicant’s name and address). Payment by mail or in person to The Edgewater Police Department, 55 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020.

           - $50 for an initial/renewal FPIC

            - $25 per purchase permit

             - No payment for Change of Address 

2. Proof of residency [EDGEWATER] – valid NJ Driver’s License [current address]

3. Naturalized Citizens to provide US Naturalization Certificate

4. NON-US Citizens to provide Alien Registration ID card

5. Completed SP066 Mental Health Consent Search (Available NJSP-Firearms)

6. PAST address history – 10 years

7. If you have lived outside the State of New Jersey within the last ten (10) years you will be required to complete additional Mental health authorization forms from each respective State you have resided in, if necessary. These forms are emailed, so check your email regularly, again check your spam folders as well. 

8. The application will not be deemed complete to all necessary documentation and correspondence is in possession of the Edgewater Police Department. 

9. If you have ever been convicted of a disorderly persons offense or convicted of a

criminal offense and it has not been expunged or sealed, please provide a certified

disposition letter from each respective court covering the incident(s).


*The falsification of information on any of the applications for Firearms Permits is a violation of N.J.S. 2C:39-10C and is a crime of the third degree.  Any falsification on any form may result in criminal charges against you.

Additional FARS Information

• You will receive automated email updates from FARS throughout the process.

• The online application is applicant driven. Please ensure you have entered the most updated and accurate phone numbers and email addresses for yourself and your references. The applicant must ensure Identogo fingerprinting services link with your application and Edgewater ORI NJ0021300.

• Once your application is approved, your FPIC and/or permits will be sent electronically. The Edgewater Police Department does not provide physical copies of either.