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Mayor Michael McPartland

Mayor Michael J. McPartland, has been active in public affairs for much of his adult life in Edgewater, was sworn into office January 2, 2015 and Re-elected in 2019 for 4 more years.

Public service runs in the McPartland family.   His father Michael Joseph McPartland served for over 30 years on the police force, retiring as a lieutenant detective. His mother Theresa served as Edgewater Borough Clerk for 10 years.  Mayor McPartland was born in Edgewater and has stated,” I have no intentions of ever leaving Edgewater."

Only a few weeks after taking office, tragedy struck the luxury complex of the Avalon with many people losing their homes and all their belongings. Because of the strong leadership and organizational skills of Mayor Michael McPartland, there were no lives lost in the devastating inferno that permanently displaced 450 families. 

Mayor McPartland had a career on Wall Street, employed for many years as a “floor trader” dealing in oil options for Citigroup’s Global Markets.  He has acquired such respect in the financial world that he was a special guest on the Fox Business cable show “Countdown to the Closing Bell” with Liz Claman many times.  You can search the Fox Business website, to view some of the Mayor’s past appearances. He is now working for Bergen County.

As a youth, the Mayor excelled in several sports, especially wrestling, for which he received a scholarship to the University of Maryland. “The discipline in sports has helped me in life”, he says.  He likes to recall the advice his father gave him years ago, “Always finish the game!” 

Mayor McPartland is the founder of the Edgewater Wrestling Association, a non-profit community organization that provides local youth with athletic and wrestling training for high school.  He served as head coach of the program for over seven years.  At its peak, the Association was sending more than 20 children a year to summer camp at the US Military Academy at West Point.  

Mayor's Role

     The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the Borough, and as such presides over all public meetings, provides leadership in the development of community projects and makes appointments to various boards. The Borough Council exercises all legislative powers including adoption of the municipal budget, bond ordinances and the general business of the community.

     The Mayor of the community is elected for a 4-year term and serves part-time for a yearly salary. While the Mayor does not have a vote on the Council, he may vote in the case of a tie. 


Mayor McPartland's term expires December 31, 2023   


Mayor Michael McPartland

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Mayor McPartland New Year’s Address January 6, 2020

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year as we begin 2020 and want to thank Duane Fischetti for her three years of service to our community and want to welcome back Councilman Vincent Monte and welcome our newest councilman and former police chief Donald Martin.  I also want to thank our residents who had the confidence in re-electing me as your mayor and supporting my running mates Vince and Donald. 

    2019 was certainly a very challenging year for all of us who serve on your governing body. First and foremost, I am finally able to again say the Borough of Edgewater has settled the 615 River Road Partners, AKA as the Hess litigation.  As you made your way up the stairs from the front entrance you saw two renderings of what 615 River Road Partners wanted to build, and what was finally agreed upon.  These two renderings clearly show why, as a governing body, we fought so hard to prevent the overdevelopment of this site.  As Mayor, I clearly understand that the buck stops with me.  However, I have only been here 4 years starting my 5th year as Mayor.  I cannot change the development that has previously been approved and built, I can only attempt to guide and steer our policies moving forward.  This is why this council and I strongly feel that the settlement agreement reducing the project by over 50% and acquiring the entire western portion of the property at NO COST to taxpayers, for a desperately needed school is the best course of action for our community. 

     As this litigation consumed 90% of our time and energy, we were still able to keep the town moving forward and in a positive direction.  In 2019, we paved several miles of roads worth over $1 million; Dempsey Avenue, Glenwood Avenue, Columbia Avenue, and part of Undercliff Avenue.  We also recognized that pedestrian safety is important and we enhanced the crosswalk at Garden Place and River Road in an attempt to slow traffic down and allow for a safer crossing.  Between calendar years 2018 and 2019, the Borough of Edgewater has received over $1 million dollars in county, state, and federal grants allowing the Borough to purchase safety equipment for our police and fire departments, paving our streets, and coming this year rehabilitate both Memorial Park at Route 5 and Historic Old Borough Hall and the “Kiddie Park”.  In addition, we purchased an abandoned house on River Road whose land will be used as part of both a conservation area and a River Road widening project. 

     The Council and I have been working with Bergen County Officials on a plan to widen River Road from the Fort Lee border south to approximately Maple Street.  This has been a very complicated process since it included coordinating and working with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in regard to the Edgewater Colony Conservation Easement along River Road.  There is much more planning to do as well as getting the necessary funding to make these improvements but we are confident that the end result will make traveling River Road safer and less congested.

    The Council and I have authorized the necessary funding for the rehabilitation of the 2nd & 3rd floors of Historic Old Borough Hall to be utilized as a new Adult and Senior Center along with re-locating the health department offices from the Community Center at Veterans Field.  This center will allow our adults and seniors to coordinate and sponsor programs in a separate building while freeing up space at our Community Center for additional youth programing at Veterans Field.

     The Quanta Superfund Site continues to be remediated.  The Council and I were criticized for the process and methods used for remediation.  Again, let me remind some residents who were not here over 25 years ago, when our town demanded both the state and federal government to do something with this site.  It took 4 mayors close to 20 years, along with countless community meetings whereby community input was used to draft the remediation plan, and finally getting the United States Environmental Protection Agency to approve the remediation plan.  We are fortunate to have a reputable responsible party, Honeywell Corporation, cleaning the site.  This has been no easy task but I am hopeful that this property can soon contribute to the tax base of our community.

     Another new feature in our community that we have been working on is our new resident parking program.  We have been advertising this new system for a year now whereby residents can apply on line for a resident parking permit.  This means that the old blue decals you currently have in your windows will no longer be valid, you must register your vehicle on line and your license plate becomes your permit with our new electronic enforcement system which scans license plates for registration.  We will start enforcing this new system sometime in the latter half of this year so you still have time to register. 

     As we move into 2020, the council and I will continue to work for you, our residents, and provide to you the most efficient and affordable government.  I am hopeful we will continue to have a productive and successful year in 2020 and we look forward to our continued service along with our dedicated staff and professionals.