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Mayor Michael McPartland

Mayor Michael J. McPartland, has been active in public affairs for much of his adult life in Edgewater, was sworn into office January 2, 2015 and Re-elected in 2019 for 4 more years.

Public service runs in the McPartland family.   His father Michael Joseph McPartland served for over 30 years on the police force, retiring as a lieutenant detective. His mother Theresa served as Edgewater Borough Clerk for 10 years.  Mayor McPartland was born in Edgewater and has stated,” I have no intentions of ever leaving Edgewater."

Only a few weeks after taking office, tragedy struck the luxury complex of the Avalon with many people losing their homes and all their belongings. Because of the strong leadership and organizational skills of Mayor Michael McPartland, there were no lives lost in the devastating inferno that permanently displaced 450 families. 

Mayor McPartland had a career on Wall Street, employed for many years as a “floor trader” dealing in oil options for Citigroup’s Global Markets.  He has acquired such respect in the financial world that he was a special guest on the Fox Business cable show “Countdown to the Closing Bell” with Liz Claman many times.  You can search the Fox Business website, to view some of the Mayor’s past appearances. He is now working for Bergen County.

As a youth, the Mayor excelled in several sports, especially wrestling, for which he received a scholarship to the University of Maryland. “The discipline in sports has helped me in life”, he says.  He likes to recall the advice his father gave him years ago, “Always finish the game!” 

Mayor McPartland is the founder of the Edgewater Wrestling Association, a non-profit community organization that provides local youth with athletic and wrestling training for high school.  He served as head coach of the program for over seven years.  At its peak, the Association was sending more than 20 children a year to summer camp at the US Military Academy at West Point.  

Mayor's Role

     The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the Borough, and as such presides over all public meetings, provides leadership in the development of community projects and makes appointments to various boards. The Borough Council exercises all legislative powers including adoption of the municipal budget, bond ordinances and the general business of the community.

     The Mayor of the community is elected for a 4-year term and serves part-time for a yearly salary. While the Mayor does not have a vote on the Council, he may vote in the case of a tie. 


Mayor McPartland's term expires December 31, 2023   


Mayor Michael McPartland

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Mayor McPartland New Year’s Address January 2023



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Michael J. McPartland


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January 1, 2023




Dear Residents,


On behalf of the Borough Council and myself I want to extend to you a very Happy, Healthy, and Joyous New Year.

As we begin 2023, our staff is diligently working on a new municipal budget.  Just like you, the Borough is facing the same economic climate with unprecedented inflation.   It is easy for us to control our expenses however, those expenses beyond our control such as fuel, insurance, and utilities are all increasing by double digits.  We will do everything possible to deliver a municipal budget that is affordable to our taxpayers.

I would like to share information with you about our volunteer fire department and first aid squad.  Yes, you read correctly, volunteer fire department and first aid squad.  In case some of our residents were not aware, our fire department and first aid squad operate with volunteers, not paid career personnel like New York City and our neighbors in Hudson County like North Bergen and West New York.   When someone in Edgewater is in need of help, volunteers are the ones who get out of bed and respond to the call. These volunteers are required to participate in the same training program as those employed by the City of New York and Hudson County.  We have developed membership retention tools such as stipends and retirement annuities however, these men and woman are considered volunteers and are not compensated for their life-saving work.  As training, family, and employment responsibilities increase, we see volunteerism decline.  I share this with you for a two-fold reason.  The first reason is I challenge our residents to consider volunteering for these wonderful life saving groups.  The second reason is to tell you that many communities like Edgewater have to create paid services due to the lack of volunteers.  Currently, Edgewater has a paid emergency medical service Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. as a result of our volunteers not being available due to employment commitments.  When paid personnel are hired to perform the job of a previous volunteer position, our expenses and budget must increase as well.  If you are interested in joining one of these fine organizations, feel free to reach out to Patrick Chevalier, Fire Chief, at or Kathy Frato, First Aid Squad Captain, at

 In 2022, we opened our Adult and Senior Center located at Historic Borough Hall, 916 River Road on Tuesday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  We are hoping to increase the days and times so that our mature population can meet their neighbors in a friendly relaxed manner, and enjoy comradery, board games, card games, and refreshments.  Starting on January 10, 2023 and every 2nd Tuesday of the month, we will continue with our wellness Tuesday’s with licensed health care professionals from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Services include health history evaluations, blood pressure screening, counseling and education, referrals and follow-ups, along with confidential consultations.  On Friday, February 10, 2023, we will have a podiatrist available at 11:00am to address all of your foot issues.  Please call the Health Department with any questions at 201-943-1700 ext. 6007.

Early last year, I retained the services of a company called Streetlight.  They use cellular technology to perform traffic studies and analysis.  According to the report, commercial and retail establishments within Edgewater are responsible for almost 90% of all traffic on River Road. Only 10% of the cars traveling on River Road are generated from Edgewater residents. 90% of all vehicles traveling on River Road are going to, or coming from, the retail establishments within our town.  In direct response to this, I recommended to the Borough Council and our Planner, that we look at the possibility of changing the zoning of the old movie theatre site from commercial to residential.  The Mayor and Council introduced Ordinance 2022-017 which would have changed the zoning of this property.  The ordinance was subsequently tabled so that the Borough Planner can analyze this change further.  Resident feedback has been positive.

 In keeping with my commitment to full disclosure and transparency, I would like to inform you that the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation has been investigating the slanderous and defamatory accusations made by the 615 Partners, owners of the former Hess site.   I have appropriately responded to many of the fallacious claims and my responses should be incorporated into the final report.  As you recall, the 615 Partners, in their attempt to strong arm the Borough into approving their original grandiose overdevelopment, filed a federal lawsuit against the Borough, which was settled.  As part of that settlement, the Borough was to receive the entire western portion of the property, at no cost to Edgewater taxpayers, so that Edgewater can build a new state of the art school for our children.  The 615 Partners failed to transfer the deed to the property several months ago, and we are now seeking the assistance of the Federal Court so that we may acquire the property as originally agreed. 

 As you can see, Edgewater has had a busy, successful, and productive year.  Remember, I am always available to you for your comments, questions, and concerns via regular email or telephone at or 201-943-1700 ext. 3100. 




Michael J. McPartland