Polling Places

Election Day Voting for District 4, formerly at the Metropolitan has moved to Borough Hall, 55 River Road.  

  • 1st District: Edgewater Volunteer First Aid Squad (Historic Old Borough Hall) 916 River Road
  • 2nd District: Edgewater Volunteer First Aid Squad (Historic Old Borough Hall) 916 River Road
  • 3rd District: Edgewater Community Center, 1167 River Road - First Multipurpose Room on the right of the Main Entrance.
  • 4th District: Borough Hall 55 River Road


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Mail-In Ballot Application Procedure

Vote by Mail

To vote by mail-in ballot:

Civilian mail-in ballots are available to voters who will not be able to vote in person on election day.

A voter may apply to the County Clerk in writing for a mail-in ballot. Mail-in ballot applications are available at the County Clerk’s Election Division’s office or at the Edgewater Borough Clerk’s Office at 55 River Road. A mail-in ballot application must be received in the County Clerk’s office (not postmarked) 7 days prior to election day by the 4 p.m., but can be submitted at any time prior to the deadline for an election in the calendar year. The ballot will be sent to the address indicated on the application.

A voter may also apply in person to the County Clerk up until 3 p.m. the day prior to the election. In the event of sickness or confinement, an authorized messenger may pick up a ballot for the voter, provided they are designated in writing in the bottom box of the application. An authorized messenger shall be a family member or a registered voter of Bergen County and shall place his or her signature on the application in the space provided in the presence of the County Clerk or his or her designee. If an emergent circumstance should arise after the 3 p.m. deadline, you may apply to a judge for an order for the County Clerk to issue a ballot.

Vote by Mail If You Are in the Military

A military service voter need not be registered if he or she is otherwise qualified to vote and is:

  • A civilian attached to or service with the Armed Forces out of state or a spouse or dependent residing with or accompanying that person
  • A member of the Armed Forces or a spouse / dependent of a member
  • A patient in a veteran’s hospital

You can obtain a military service mail-in ballot application from the Edgewater Borough Clerk at 55 River Road, the Bergen County Clerk, or from the proper military personnel. You can also have a relative or friend fill out the application for you.

Placement on Permanent Absentee List Application

If you are permanently ill or confined, you may request that the Bergen County Clerk Election Division place you on their permanent Absentee List (PAL). You will not receive ballots, but will be mailed applications every January for all upcoming elections for that year in your municipality.

You may fill them all out and mail them back together to the Election Division either at the same time or individually at any time prior to the 7 day deadline for the election.