Procedures for Board Approvals

When applying for a variance / site plan approval / sub-division before the Edgewater Zoning Board of Adjustment or Planning Board, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Obtain and fill out application for the appropriate board
  2. Obtain and fill out appropriate checklist
  3. Prepare property survey and or site plan
  4. Prepare necessary engineers and or architects drawings
  5. Submit 18 copies of applications, plans, surveys and all documents in hard copy and also digital form ( via email or thumb drive) to the Edgewater Building Department at the time of submittal and all revisions and additional submittals the same way at least 10 days prior to your meeting dates.
  6. Submit checks for applicable fees and escrows
  7. When notified of a hearing date request a 200 foot property list from the Edgewater building department
  8. Send out certified, return receipt notices of the hearing including date, time and location of the hearing along with a description of what is being applied for 10 days prior to the meeting date
  9. Notify the local newspaper (the Record) and have notice printed in same 10 prior to the meeting date (the paper usually takes 3 days to print the notice)
  10. Provide proof of notice to the property owners, publication in the newspaper and current taxes at the hearing

Forms & Handouts