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Dog & Cat License Application

  1. Dog or Cat? (Select 1)

  2. Sex*

  3. Hair

  4. Has your pet received a rabies vaccination within the last 3 years?*

    We will have to verify, please provide us with a copy of the vaccination certificate.

  5. Do we have a copy of your last vaccine from the previous year?

    If No, then you will need to Upload, Bring, Mail, Fax or Email us a copy before a license can be issued.
    Board of Health 1167 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020
    Fax 201-886-8366
    Phone 201-943-1700 EXT 6007

  6. Fees must be paid either in person or by mail and made out to The Edgewater Board of Health.

    Basic pet license: $10.00
    If your dog has not been altered, there is an additional fee required by the State of New Jersey: $3
    There is no fee for cats in the State of New Jersey.

  7. All rabies shots must be good for the entire licensing year. Shots expiring before January 31, will not be acceptable for licensing.

    Edgewater residents may also have their dogs and cats vaccinated, for free, at the Bergen County Animal Shelter
    100 United Lane
    Teterboro, NJ 07640.

    Please call the shelter at 201-229-4600 for further information.

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