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Employment Application Form

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Please be specific when applying for an advertised position, or put any if unsure.
  3. Only fill in your social security number if you are applying for a Law Enforcement position or a position where a background check will be required.
  4. Have You Ever Applied to the Borough of Edgewater Before?
  5. Are You Available to Work:
  6. Are You Currently Employed?
  7. May We Contact You at Work?
  8. May We Contact Your Current Employer?
  9. Are You Currently On Layoff Status and Subject to Recall?
  10. Do You Possess a Current Driver's License?
  11. Do You Possess a Current Commercial Driver's License?
  12. If You Are Under Eighteen Years of Age, Can You Provide Proof of Eligibility to Work?
  13. Are You Legally Eligible to Work in the United States of America?
    Pursuant to Federal Law, proof of US Citizenship or immigration status will be required if you are hired.
  14. Have You Ever Plead Guilty or Been Found Guilty of a Crime, Disorderly Persons Offense, or a Municipal Ordinance Involving Moral Turpitude?
  15. Employment History
    This section must be completed even if you attach a resume. List your last four employers, major assignments within the same employer. Begin with the most recent. Include any military service. Explain any gaps in employment in the space on this form marked comments located on the bottom of this page
  16. May We Contact Them for a Reference?
  17. May We Contact Them for a Reference?
  18. May We Contact Them for a Reference?
  19. Education
    Provide information on your formal schooling and education. Include elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education, if any. Include any formal vocational or professional education. For high school and post-secondary education, indicate any major or specialty, such as Academic, Business, or Trade.
  20. Years Completed
  21. Graduated?
  22. Years Completed
  23. Graduated?
  24. Years Completed
  25. Graduated?
  26. Years Completed
  27. Graduated?
  28. References
    Provide the names, addresses and phone numbers of three people whom we may contact as a reference. They should not be relatives or former supervisors.
  29. Understandings and Agreements
    As an applicant for a position with the Borough of Edgewater, I understand and agree that I must provide truthful and accurate information in this application. I understand that my application may be rejected if any information is not complete, true and accurate. If hired, I understand that I may be separated from employment if the Borough of Edgewater later discovers that information on this form was incomplete, untrue, or inaccurate. I give the Borough of Edgewater the right to investigate the information I have provided, talk with former employers (except where I have indicated they may not be contacted). I give the Borough of Edgewater the right to secure additional job-related information about me. I release the Borough of Edgewater and its representatives from all liability for seeking such information. I understand that the Borough of Edgewater is an equal-opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its hiring practices. I understand that the Borough of Edgewater will make reasonable accommodations as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. I understand that, if employed, I may resign at any time and that the Borough of Edgewater may terminate me at any time in accordance with its established policies and procedures. No representatives of the Borough of Edgewater may make any assurances to the contrary. I understand that any offer of employment may be subject to job-related medical, physical, drug, or psychological tests. I also understand that some positions may involve complete background and criminal checks.
  30. Conditions of Employment
    Please be advised that all offers of employment are conditional on the applicant passing a mandatory drug test. A pre-employment physical may also be required. Pursuant to our personnel policy, all job applicants are required to sign a consent form for drug testing and if the test results are positive and are not accounted for by the legal use of prescription or non-prescription drugs the applicant shall be ineligible for hire unless they can establish a legal basis for the use of the drug or controlled substance for which they test positive. For your application to be considered, you must sign and date below.
  31. Voluntary Affirmative Action Information
    You are not required to provide this information. Provide only if you wish.

    If you provide information on this page, it will be filed separately from the job application. This information will be used only for purposes of the affirmative action program
  32. How Did You Learn About This Position?
  33. Information Regarding Satus
  34. Gender
  35. Equal Employment Opportunity Identification Groups
  36. Other Protected Groups
  37. Leave This Blank:

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