2017 Summer Programs



Registration Activates 5/06/17 @12noon


 Summer Programs Flyer

Register your family to be eligible to utilize the site ASAP!! You will be required to drop off your supporting documents at the Community Center before you will be able to register for any camp. The Community Center is open Mon –Fri and Sunday 9-9!


Information and Policies

“Resident” applies to all residents of Edgewater and Leonia.  Some programs are open to Non- Residents, for an additional fee.  If you or your child would like to participate in a Recreation Program you must register through Community Pass, unless stated otherwise. 


General Camp Policy

Camps and activities will take place at the GW School, Community Center, as well as offsite locations.  Please note carefully the date, location, pick up location, and time of your activity.

We will notify you if your class is canceled or changed, so it is very important that we have a daytime phone number. 

Please make sure your schedule will permit you to participate in an activity before registering.  We cannot issue refunds unless the Recreation Department cancels or changes the advertised schedule of a class. 

We will re-schedule all classes that the Recreation Department cancels; however, we cannot re-schedule classes for students who miss classes. 

Programs are for willing participants.  Any child crying, screaming, or unwilling to participate WILL BE SENT HOME!


Age Specifications

Age restrictions have been placed on each program for the benefit of the students enrolled as well as the instructor. Any child not within the age specifications set for any class will be immediately removed, without refund.



Recreation Registration will be conducted through Community Pass with credit card payment only, unless otherwise indicated!    Only verified users will be able to utilize the Community Pass Registration System.  First time users will be required to register their families and all users will need to report to the Community Center in Person with the required supporting documents. There will be a convenience fee accessed for this service.      Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis-  

Once a class has reached its maximum enrollment, that class will be closed;

no further registration will be permitted.



Recreation Sponsored Camp Online Registration Live Date -

Summer Registration will open online on Saturday May 6th at 12 noon.




The Edgewater Recreation Department is a municipally run organization.  Our first priority is to the residents of Edgewater and Leonia, as we share a school system.    Any individual wishing to participate in any activity (@ the resident rate) MUST PROVE THEIR RESIDENCY! 


*Pre Registration*

When Pre-registering ALL PARTICIPANTS will be required to present:

*2 proofs of residency:  one of which being parents/guardians Photo Identification, as well as a birth certificate/passport to prove age. 

Photocopies required!

            *Completed medical forms as well as copies of each participants immunization records

            * Completed Emergency Treatment Authorization Form



The forms of payment that will be accepted are credit/debit cards. 

Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover


Insufficient Enrollment

If group minimums are not met, programs may be shortened, condensed or canceled. Those enrolled in the program will be notified of any changes prior to the start of the program.


You MUST setup a CommunityPass account online first to be able to register for any summer program offered that unless otherwise stated in the summer brochure . 

Payment is to be made online ONLY when Program Registration opens.  No payments will be accepted in person or by mail.

           Click for Summer Flyer

1. Go to the website to log in or register https register.communitypass.net/reg/login.
2.Choose the community “Borough of Edgewater, NJ“ and hit continue.
3. You will need to hit the link “Create an Account Now” and follow the directions.
4. If you already have a CommunityPass account you can log in with that and choose Borough of Edgewater, NJ.
5. Make sure you then add each child to your account that will be participating in any of our programs.
        The secure online registration system requires full payment at the time of registration for all programs
Please read The Borough of Edgewater's Capturepoint CommunityPass Privacy policy before you sign up for online payments with us.
Borough of Edgewater Information and Policies:

Recreation Programs are open to all residents of Edgewater.  Some programs are open to Non- Residents, at a later date for an additional fee. If you wish for your child to participate in a Recreation Program you must have a CommunityPass account and have to register online.  No registrations will be processed or accepted without full payment.


Registration is on a first come first served basis. Once a class has reached its maximum enrollment that class will be closed, no further registration will be permitted.    

The forms of payment that will be accepted are Credit Cards or Debit Cards through CommunityPass registration online only.                        

Refunds will only be made if a program is canceled due to insufficient enrollment. Please check your schedules carefully before committing. We cannot issue refunds unless the Recreation Department cancels or changes the advertised schedule of a class.
Refunds have to be approved before a purchase order will be issued. After completion and the return of said purchase order a check can be issued.

Insufficient Enrollment  
If group minimums are not met, programs may be shortened, condensed or canceled. Those enrolled in the program will be notified of any changes prior to the start of the program. 
For Registration, Class or Refund Information 
Phone: 201-945-1700 Ext. 6003

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